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SS6 After Party - A “little less drunk” Hyukjae asking fans why they haven’t gone home yet ( fans said it’s because they (SJ) haven’t gone home yet either.hehe~) and asking where they are from after.then he told them to eat well,go home earlier and said thanks.(x)

Happy 14th Debut anniversary Lee Hyukjae  [2000.09.20 - 2014.09.20]

Sept 20,2000, marked the day that you finally made all your dreams come true. You’ve grown so much since debut and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Thank you for always giving happiness and joy to everyone’s heart and you truly deserve everything that is happening to right now. Thank you for staying humble, kind hearted and lovable person as you are. Keep smiling and always remember how beautiful are you inside and out.God bless! i love u ♥

hyuk cried seeing the 100th show hand banner project ;;

cr: haetongue

{07.09.21} Happy 7th Debut Anniversary Henry Lau!

It all started with a small contribution, not knowing that the future brings something bigger. It’s been seven years since you’ve stepped on stage for the first time, showing us your talent with the violin, seven years in which you’ve proven you’re a great artist. Singin’, rappin’ and letting us go ballistics with your beautiful melodies. Thanks for the effort and the great love you have for us, you deserve everything you’ve accomplished. And there is more to come, never let anyone destroy your dreams, there is still a lot to look forward to and you are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. I love you so much my beloved baby.